Good things come to those who care for every bit of their body and skin. Sounds bizarre? Not at all, folks! Every inch of your skin needs to be pampered because healthy skin is a sign of a hale and hearty lifestyle – and we all deserve it. But, using the best skincare products and quality cosmetics aside, your body requires superlative skincare peels to restore and revitalize your skin. Well, whatever you do to protect your skin from harmful internal and external influencers, the neck is one of the most neglected parts.


Don’t leave your neck unattended.


Have you observed human nature closely? You may find most people leaving things to the last minute; or the eleventh-hour rush. Therefore, they often forget about taking care of the most vital things like their health until they start feeling sick or skin aging process until it turns out a big problem. And, that’s absolutely true with our necks which are generally considered as no-man’s land between our face and body. But, time and again, it faces our negligence when it comes to beauty and skincare routines.


The trouble is real, and so does your struggle should be.


The days are getting warmer, and the neck area with the most delicate skin (obviously, after the skin under your eyes) dehydrates easily and quickly because it has fewer sebaceous glands. The too little flesh, making the neck skin appear thinner, is mainly the result of a lower level of fatty tissue and a lower density of connective fiber. Do you know about the combined effect of all of these things? Your neck skin particularly becomes more prone to sagging.


Now, how many of you care about this problem before it gets too late and scragginess shows up to collapse your overall persona. Imagine a cheerful face with drooping neck skin. It’s one of the most awkward moments to experience ever. So, your number one goal in a skincare regime is to keep your skin, including the neck area, healthy-looking at its best.


Take significant notice of your neck.


Remember to wear sunscreen on your neck as a part of your daily routine if you are outside in scorching heat for an extended period. Whatever skincare routine you build and maintain for your face, outspread it to your neck. Imagine a tanned neck without the same foundation and finishing as your face. It will appear too odd – tarnishing the entire look. Likewise, if you are using anti aging cream, make sure you are applying it to your neck as well.


The neck is so important that I never leave it on its own, and even if I have to apply my favorite Maybelline BABY SKIN Instant Pore Eraser, I always extend its application to my neck. So I got this fantastic makeup primer from glowqueen.pk, which leaves my skin with a matte and baby-smooth finish. Moreover, it’s an all-day moisturizer that’s small enough to carry in your purse easily.


Pro Tip: Keep wearing sunscreen because there is NO such thing as a healthy tan.


Let’s dive a little deeper into how to take the best care of your neck area.


Start With Basic Care:


Firstly, you should realize that your face does not end at the jawline. It continues to the neck. Therefore, your skincare and beauty routine should not stop at the jawline. Instead, maintain a regular routine for your neck as you do for your facial skin by using quality products from the best makeup brand. This may include pH-balancing tonics, face serums, makeup removals, organic scrubs, moisturizers, etc.

Moreover, make sure that your face mask spreads down to your jawline and towards your neck and cleavage. Cover all visible areas to feed and nourish them for youthful, smooth skin.


Watch Your Posture:


Your body posture matters to support your ligaments, muscles, and tendons and improve your blood flow and keep the nerves healthy.  Just like the correct posture protects you from neck pain, it helps avoid premature neck wrinkles. Don’t hunch your shoulder up to hold the phone while leaving your hands free, and also keep the computer screen at the correct height if you have to spend long hours in front of it.


Pillow selection is also essential to keep your posture accurate while sleeping. Choose a relatively hard and thick pillow (to compensate for the distance between head and shoulders) if you sleep on one side. A lower pillow better serves people who sleep on their backs. It is mainly to avoid the unnecessary strain on your neck while sleeping to decelerate the skin sagging process.


It’s Earlier Than You Think:


If you are using the anti wrinkle cream under your eyes, do not forget to apply it to another delicate area – yes, your neck. Remember, your eyes and neck have the most fragile skin and quickly begin to show the signs of aging early on. Just like crows feet (or laughter lines) can appear sooner than expected, your neck skin can start sagging way before you can expect (and accept) that you are aging.


Add firming lotions and skin care creams to your daily routine to get a lifting and revitalizing effect. For instance, you can keep the unwelcome aging signs at bay with a Fresh Lotus Anti-aging Night Moisturizer suitable for all skin types and skin concerns (dryness, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles).


In brief, take care of your neck skin just like you do for other areas. You don’t need any additional skin care products but can use the same as you do for facial skincare.

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