Yes, your skin condition changes with the seasons. In winter, skin gets dry and flakier. During the cold months, the moisture disappears from the skin. Not only just the face but the other parts of the body also become dry. And extreme weather conditions could also cause cracks, itchiness and scaliness on skin.

It has become a requirement to change almost all makeup products. Skin needs more hydration and care to prevent wrinkles and other aging marks. Read this guide to know some tips and tricks for winter skin care.It has become a requirement to change almost all makeup products. Skin needs more hydration and care to prevent wrinkles and other aging marks. Read this guide to know some tips and tricks for winter skin care.all makeup products


Change Your Cleansers

In summer, people use cleansers to get rid of extra facial oils. But the same doesn’t happen in winters. That’s why you need to change your cleanser. Use a mild cleanser considering your skin type. It shouldn’t remove natural oils from your skin. See the ingredients on the product packaging.

Make sure it doesn’t have any drying ingredients like additives or fragrances. A gentle cleanser will just remove the dirt from your skin and not make it super dry. If you have oily skin then still don’t go for harsh cleansers. Otherwise your skin will secrete more oil to maintain pH level.


Use Moisturizer After Cleansing

In the winter season, your skin needs extra hydration to avoid flakes and cracks. Use a moisturizer as per your skin type every time you wash your face. It is essential to lock in skin’s natural oil. Don’t leave your skin naked after using a face cleanser.

Otherwise harsh winter breezes could affect your skin. It is better to keep a moisturizer at the vanity so that you don’t forget to use it. Additionally, have a mini lotion bottle in your bag while travelling. Go for a lightweight moisturizer which could immerse into your skin.


Use Sunscreen Daily

People think that they need to wear sunscreen only in the summer. But that’s not fine at all. Harmful UV rays could affect your skin badly in winters. Don’t let your skin get damaged by the winter sunlight. Always wear sunscreen no matter which season it is.

Otherwise, your skin will show spots and pigmentation gradually. Since sunlight speeds up the process of aging. It is better to use sunscreen right after moisturizing your skin. If you still forget it, apply it on your skin before going out. Use sunscreen with at least SPF30.


Try Less Exfoliants & Scrubs

Winter and dry skin go hand in hand. Saying so, exfoliants and scrubs will not be much appropriate. No doubt, they remove dead skin cells. But they could damage your skin. They could break down the natural moisture of your skin. Cleansers would work fine instead of chemical exfoliants.

But still, if you have to use exfoliants then use them once a week. Better to use an AHA or BHA leave-on exfoliant which doesn’t harm your skin deeply. Why don’t you use homemade scrub? Take 2 spoons of brown sugar and add 1 spoon of coconut oil. Mix it and gently massage on your skin in circular motion.


Drink More Water

One of the other ways of keeping skin healthy in winters is to drink a lot of water. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. It will keep you hydrated. It will affect your skin condition and appearance. Your skin will become less dry and flaky. Apart from this, have foods containing rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

Your skin will remain supple, smooth and healthy. Follow the mentioned tips to maintain the appearance of your skin. In this way, there will be less effect of environmental conditions on your skin. Hence, drink plenty of water with nutrients rich food for a good skin condition.


Follow A Skin-Care Regime

Yes! It is mandatory to follow a skin-care routine. Your facial skin is 10 times more delicate than the body skin. You can keep it simple but make use of the best skin care products. Remember, if you need flawless skin then you need to take care of it. Just cleansing, toning and moisturizing would be enough in the beginning.

Considering your skin problems, you can add the skin products accordingly. Don’t let your skin become sensitive to the dry winter air. Keep it nourished and replenish it with the additional effective skin products. Invest in the right skin products matching your skin type and condition.


Go For Occlusive Products

Occlusive is a nourishing ingredient which keeps skin hydrated and locks in moisture. In a nutshell, it creates a barrier on the skin so that there is no transepidermal water loss. Occlusives include petroleum jelly, waxes, silicone, mineral oil and lanolin etc.

Using occlusive products with ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil nourishes the skin to the core. Girls! If your skin is of rough texture then must add occlusive products in your skin-care regimen. Use an occlusive moisturizer instead of a regular one. Use it once or twice a day or as per requirement.


Overnight Face Treatment

An overnight skin treatment always works. Your skin rejuvenates when you sleep. Using skin repairing serums and anti-aging creams could give results abruptly. Buy the creams containing beeswax and emollients. Using high-grade serums at night to improve the texture of your skin. This is how your skin will less respond to harsh environmental conditions.

There are also anti-aging serums & creams available in the market. Use them before going to bed to treat your acne, hyperpigmentation & fine lines etc.  You will slowly feel that your skin has improved its quality. Your skin will get less dry patches, itchiness, and redness eventually.


Final Thoughts

Make your winter skin-care routine more effective by using high-quality products. What could be better than glowqueen.pk? Make your way to this top-notch reselling cosmetics brand for acquiring the best skin and makeup products. They hold the products from renowned brands all over the world. Try their skin-care sets having all the products which you require for skin care. They also have skin brightening lotions and creams. Give your skin a touch of comfort by using these products.

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