The makeup basics or trendy makeup products allow women to make their look elegant and attractive. Online makeup shops are providing ease to customers in buying their desired makeup items.

Cosmetic stores must have the following essential makeup products to attract more customers.

1. Foundation

Foundation is an essential makeup item used all over your face. This product creates a base or foundation for the rest of your face makeup.

It is designed to perform as the groundwork for your overall makeup scheme. The perfect base formula effectively covers deformities, shapes your skin tone, patches infirmities, and creates a smooth look.

You will find 5 types of foundation formulas:

• Liquid Foundation

• Powder Foundation

• Cream Foundation

• Serum Foundation

• Water-based Foundation

Foundation coverage involves 4 types:

• Sheer coverage

• Medium coverage

• Full coverage

• Buildable coverage

2. Mascara

Lumpy and sad lashes swipe the gush from your overall makeup glimpse. You can use mascara and application methods to overcome the issue. Different types of mascara are available on the market, so the selection of the right one for your lashes is essential.

Different Types of Mascara:

• Traditional Mascara: Makeup beginners use this mascara type for normal eyelashes.

• Volumizing Mascara: This mascara weighs heavily on the lashes and is often used on special occasions.

• Lengthening Mascara: This type of mascara makes the eyelashes appear longer.

• Waterproof Mascara: It is a great option for people who have watery eyes.

• Curling Mascara: Makeup experts use this mascara to hold the eyelash curl for several hours.

3. Lipstick

Lipstick is an essential item for providing an attractive look according to the occasion. You will find a liquid or bullet formula for a glossy, satin, or matte finish.

Makeup beginners should find a color that is close to their natural lip shade. You can use different colors that match your costume, makeup theme, and the type of occasion.

4. Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette provides a range of shades within the same color group or matching shades. Most palettes contain lighter shades at one end to highlight and brighten eyeshadow.

The 2nd part of the palette features medium shades for base shades on lids. Any eyeshadow palette also has dark shades for lining and defining. Every palette has a mix of finishes but with different color shades.

Main types of eyeshadow palettes:

• Neutrals or Nudes Palettes: It includes brown, sandy, and caramel shades.

• Trend-driven Palettes: This type offers of-the-moment colors.

• Smoky Palettes: It is designed to provide you with everything to create a smoky eye.

5. Makeup Brushes

Best-quality brushes enhance the final appearance of your makeup. They provide easier blending and application to end up with a charming and attractive look. Quality brushes offer a smooth and soft feel to your skin.

Always avoid using rough, scratchy, and low-quality brushes. Your decision to buy quality brushes will also save you money. The following are essential brush types.

Essential Makeup Brushes:

• Foundation Brush

• Powder Brush

• Eye Shadow Blending Brush

• Flat Eyeshadow Brush

• Concealer Brush

• Crease Brush

• Lip Brush

• Eyeliner Brush

• Contour Brush

6. Lash lines

The enhancement of lash lines is a remedy for applying micro-pigmentation directly beyond your eyelash’s base. It offers an effective way to open, brighten, and amplify your eyes. The improvement of lash lines isn’t similar to classic or thick eyeliner.

Lash line enhancement makes the appearance of darker, thicker, and deeper lashes with a more delicate and natural look. The classic eyeliner with a small wing is an excellent option for a slightly thicker enhancement.

7. Fake nails

Fake nails or acrylic nails have become more popular these days. Your longer nails enable you to add more nail art suitable for a single finger. The acrylic nails can last up to 2 months as they are stronger and harder.

Acrylic nails are manufactured from acrylic glass. It creates a moldable bead when mixed with a liquid monomer. This mixing immediately and constantly starts treatment until it becomes entirely solid. Acrylic or fake nails can last up to 3 weeks.

8. Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is often used to highlight specific areas. It allows you to cover deformities and under-eye circles for a perfect and unbroken finish. Most concealer brushes are available in many shapes and sizes. The following are essential types of concealer brushes.

• Classic concealer brush: It enables you to buff and blend product under your eye with smooth application.

• Small precision concealer brush: This concealer brush can temporarily eliminate minor spots, dents, and pockmarks.

• Flat-top concealer brush: You can use it to apply mineral and powder concealers.

9. Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier cloud paint is a key product for the iconic Millennium beauty brand. It is popular for makeup that appears and seems like skin. Use a tiny dot of paint on your finger and apply it onto the apples of your cheeks then blend up.

Use the back of your hand if you are mixing more than one cloud paint to create a custom shade. Glossier Cloud paint application with your fingers enables the product to warm up gently to help blend.

10. Eyeliner

Eyeliners can effectively apply color to a specific area around the eyes. The key objective is to highlight the appearance of your eyes. You can use eyeliners to spotlight the eyelids or to modify the supposed shape of the eyes.

You can use special or eyeliner brushes to apply color in a controlled manner. The eyeliner products are specially fabricated to prevent the growth and multiplication of harmful microorganisms. But low-quality eyeliners can cause allergic reactions.

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