An easygoing lifestyle and the best makeup products may envy each other if you cannot balance the two. You are wondering how this could be even possible? Yes, it’s for real and keeps happening in this world. You can have the best cosmetics from famous brands, but you will be under stress if you don’t know how to apply and carry them without wearing them all day long. Even if you are a veteran who knows how to prevent cakey foundation or an amateur struggling to get smoky eyes, it may be impossible for anyone to keep up with all the new makeup trends and tricks. The flawless application of each makeup product is not a cup of tea for everyone. Here, only the experts-proven makeup hacks can save you.  

There are lots of game-changing tricks, but a few basics will help you in the beginning. Let’s see some of the most important ones in this blog.  

Save the foundation

No one wants their makeup to look patchy. But, if you do not prep your skin correctly, it will cause cakiness even if you use a primer. Another cause of patchy foundation is applying too much powder (pressed or loose) to set your face. Be mindful with layering your makeup.

You can get rid of the foundation looking unnatural by putting it all over your face and then wiping it off your cheeks using a tissue. You can easily layer the blush and get fresh-faced smooth skin with zero fakenesses. Do not overdo while applying foundation to keep the realness of your flawless skin intact. Create a perfect base if you do not want to be a hot mess this summer. 

Glow with a highlighter

As we all know, the selection of beauty and skin care products varies with the skin type. A highlighter is necessary for multi-dimensional skin, which is neither too dewy nor too matte. If you do not want your foundation to look flaky and want your skin to glow from within, apply a highlighter before foundation. The full coverage foundation becomes dull as the day progresses, giving your makeover a matte appearance. Apply your favorite highlighter underneath for glowing skin all day long.

Highlighter combined with the foundation will give your makeup a long-lasting impact with a radiant finish. For a more sun-kissed glow, a highlighter is always in style. It gives more definition and depth to your face by reflecting the light from high points of your face.  

The killer cheekbones

Not everyone comes with really high cheekbones, but any one of you can fake it easily. Here is a fantastic tip to get high cheekbones. First, take your favorite sheer shimmer powder and sweep along the tops of cheekbones, or you can use your highlighting stick. Now, your skin becomes shining bright that needs a generous blending, for which you can use a makeup blender or your fingers. Next, make a pout or pucker up to find cheek hollows and dust a deep nude or any of your favorite blushes in the recessed area under your cheekbones.

The simplest way is to smile and apply the blusher on the apples of your cheeks. But this trick helps to define a youthful face and get a great shape when your cheeks are plump and full (no wrinkles, no creases, and no signs of aging). The downside of this method is that the powder blush will drop and end up lower down by your face when you stop smiling. You don’t want it there. Try cream blush!

Perfectly coordinated features

Like your footwear should coordinate the outfit, your lips should be color-coordinated with your cheeks for natural-looking makeup. Regardless of the shade you choose, make sure your lips and cheeks create a uniform look. Choose a minimal color palette for more easygoing makeup instead of mixing and matching all makeup products in your collection.

Have you ever tried a lip crayon as a blush? It will perfectly coordinate your features. If not, you are missing to look so good without relying on multiple products. Moreover, you can quickly apply and blend it into your cheeks with your finger to get a more smudge-proof look. Lip crayons give a flawless finish due to their smoother applications on lips and cheeks.   

Blur those pores

Generally, oily skin is troublesome to get sweat-proof and oil-free makeup because it usually comes with huge pores. The misconception among people with oily skin is that applying oil to oil is just going to make you more oily. It’s, actually, precisely the opposite. The oil-free products tend to make your skin more dehydrated. Instead, use water cream with lightweight texture or true cream moisturizing balm to keep the hydration level and blur the pores.

Do not forget to use a primer before applying anything else to your face. I love Maybelline BABY SKIN Instant Pore Eraser because I find this makeup primer leaving the skin with a matte finish and a baby-smooth feel. Plus, it helps blur the pores. Apply a thin layer on the most affected areas and rub it onto the skin. Then, take a little bit more primer and push it into the skin. Let me tell you the most incredible tip is that after applying the base, take the compact powder in a very very small quantity and apply on areas that tend to have more sebum (aka oil).

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