Acrylic nail removal is complex or almost impossible if you attempt it yourself. Only a professional can remove most fake nail types at a nail salon. The use of acetone is the most common way for acrylic nail removal.

Acetone is a powerful and beneficial chemical solvent for your nails and health. However, you can try other methods without using this powerful chemical.

1- Use Warm Water instead of Chemicals

The use of water is another option if you don’t need to use chemicals to separate your acrylic nails. Add a few drops of soap to the water to remove fake nails. Dipping your nails for 20 minutes in warm water before releasing them is a better idea.

However, 20 minutes is enough for the glue to soften and smoothly separate from the nails. You can also use an orange stick to remove fake nails.

2- Use Nail Polish Remover without Acetone

Most people think all nail polish removers have acetone chemicals, but it isn’t true. However, acetone is considered a solid and valuable component.

It is a more effective and beneficial way to remove regular and fake nails, such as get and acrylic nails.

Most nail polish removal products without acetone contain isopropyl alcohol, propylene carbonate, and ethyl acetate.

Meanwhile, these are also chemical solutions similar to acetone but less harmful than acetone for your nails.

3- Cuticle Oil to Remove Acrylic Nails

The use of cuticle oil is another way to prevent using harmful chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol or acetone. This is an excellent approach to using something remarkable to medicate, restore, and maintain your nails without generating damaging issues.

Keep a cuticle oil wet Q-tip for around 5 minutes over each nail. Make ensure that oil is reaching under entire areas of the pin.

4- Use Dental Floss to Easily Remove Fake Nails

This method provides a creative way to remove your acrylic nails. This method will work effectively if your acrylic nails loosen a bit.

You can use cuticle oil or warm water methods to lose them. After slightly losing them, lift the edges of the fake or acrylic nails using a cuticle stick.

Now, slightly push some dental floss under the acrylic nails. Next, pull the floss back and forth along your pin to smoothly and entirely lose a nail and ultimately pops off.

However, this method can generate some issues, so ensure to buff your nails. Use some cuticle oil and apply some lotion to make your nails nourish and healthy.

How to Repair Your Damaged Nails

Some specific types of fake nails can generate issues even if you do everything perfectly in the removal process. In addition, these types of artificial nails can weaken or even damage your natural nails. Therefore, removing dip nails, acrylic nails, and gel nails is more beneficial.

Most beauty experts have recommended that you should consider a couple of month intervals using solid acrylic nails.

However, getting another fill and preventing unsatisfactory natural nails is simple. In addition, it would enable your natural nails to restore their strength.

Keep in mind that acrylics use can significantly damage your nails. But you can keep your nails trimmed comparatively short to avoid any breakage to your nails.

Use a robust top paint coating on your nails for at least two weeks after removing your acrylic nails.

This coating will restore your damaged nails. However, you can also use paint coating as a topcoat for nail polish. To sustain, you must regularly moisturize your entire nail and underneath with Vitamin E, cuticle oil, or aloe Vera. Don’t use acetone in the area to prevent weakening your nails.

How to Prevent Nail Damaging

There is nothing critical about dealing with weakened and damaged nails. However, a more robust set of fake nails can critically damage your actual nails.

But all fake nails don’t result in damage to your original nails. For example, acrylics are supposedly the most famous type of artificial nail.

You can apply these nails in a salon, but they can cause some issues as they are most powerful and long-lasting.

Glow Queen also offers gel nails that are natural substitutes for acrylic nails. You can apply them using effective and powerful polishes, presenting them to UV light.

However, their removal still requires a salon because your natural nails will need treatment after removing fake nails.

Fortunately, you don’t need a salon to apply or remove those fake nails and can do everything at home if you seek a less harmful and cheaper substitute for fake nails like gel and acrylic nails.

Press on nails is considered one of the most attractive and cheaper options.

Most people believe that pressing on nails is cheaper and more compelling. Meanwhile, some brands are offering high-quality products, such as Clutch Nails. They are seemingly as excellent as acrylics and can last at least two weeks, but it needs significant care.

So, applying these fake nails is now simple and comfortable.

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