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Types of Artificial Nails

1. Glitter Pink Strips

These pink-colored fake nails are most attractive and ready to wear. They are reusable and have advanced and non-damaging features. Artificial nails can add more attraction when you attend different events and occasions. If you order, you will get:

  1. 24 beautiful nails
  2. 48 sticky tabs
  3. Disposable nails
  4. Wood stick + Alcohol wipe

2. Fancy Ballerina Ombre

These are skin-colored fake and ready-to-wear beautiful nails. They are simple to use, reusable, and advanced artificial nails. Our Fancy Ballerina Ombre nails offer a much better look to your hands and fingers. Your order will include:

  1. 24 artificial nails
  2. 48 gummy tabs
  3. Consumable nail file

3. Fancy White French Tips

These glossy brown artificial nails have white tips. They are designed for night-time parties to present a more attractive look. You can wear Fancy White French Tips nails to make your appearance more attractive and elegant. You can buy and get:

  1. 24 attractive nails
  2. 48 sticky strips
  3. Useful nail file

4. Almond Glitter Red

These ready-to-wear artificial nails are available in red and black colors. Almond-colored glitter nails offer an elegant look for most events. You can wear Almond Glitter Red nails for different events, especially for wedding parties. Your buying will include:

  1. 24 reusable nails
  2. 48 holding tabs
  3. Practical nail file

5. Glossy Square Pink

These artificial nails are reusable, non-damaging, and ready to wear. Glossy Square Pink nails are specially designed for teenagers and newly wedded women. They can wear these nails for different occasions such as birthday parties and weddings. Your order will give you:

  1. 24 beautiful artificial nails
  2. 48 holding loops

6. Matte Floral Purple

The Matte Floral Purple nails are ready to wear and non-damaging items. These artificial nails are more attractive and perfect for all-age women. They can wear these nails for many events and occasions. Your order will provide you:

  1. 24 attractive nails
  2. 48 gummy stickers

7. Cute Red Nails & Nude Glitter nails

These reusable, ready-to-wear, and non-damaging artificial nails are more attractive and beautiful. You can wear these glitter nails for different events and parties. We are now offering these artificial nails at a 14% discounted price. Your order will give you:

  1. 24 beautiful artificial nails
  2. 48 sticking labels

8. Pink Almond Glitter & Blue Glossy nails

These reusable and ready-to-wear Pink Almond Glitter nails are designed for women of all ages. You can wear Blue Glossy artificial nails for different night-time parties and events. We offer Pink Almond & Blue Glossy nails at a 12% discounted price to our valuable customers. Your order will include:

  1. 24 Pink & Blue nails
  2. 48 cohesive straps