Concealer is one of the makeup products which has become a need for a flawless appearance. But do you know even the best makeup products wouldn’t work if their application is not adequate? Yes, you heard it very right! This product shouldn’t be used as a foundation.

The purpose of using this product is to cover facial imperfections e.g., dark circles, blemishes and scars etc. If you need more information about concealers then read this document till the end.


Choose Shade As Per Skin Tone

First and foremost, it is necessary to find the right concealer shade. It should harmonize with your skin color by not providing a cakey look. Remember, you have to pick a shade which is one shade lighter than your foundation. Otherwise there will be no benefit of using it. Choosing the right shade of concealer is the first step in acquiring a perfect makeup look.

If it doesn’t happen then don’t expect everything right. It works like a magic eraser. It helps you in getting an even skin tone so use the right one to get desired results. A better option for you is to try your hands on the range of Tarte shape tape concealers. You will be able to find a suitable one as per your skin complexion.


Use Concealer When Needed

Females think that concealer would work instead of foundation. If they have to do touch up then they simply use concealer. Keep in mind that you have to use concealer for covering up facial flaws only. If you have redness, freckles, pigmentation and acne scars then use it to hide them.

Apply it on your face to cover the flaws and not as a base. Further to this, liquid concealer would work best for dry skin. If you have a combination of oily skin then go for a concealer stick. Using concealer this way would help you achieve your desired look.


Use Less Amount Of Concealer

What most girls do is take a large amount of concealer. No, you don’t have to use it like this. Take a small amount of full coverage concealer and apply disguise only to the required areas. In this manner, you don’t have to layer up the concealer on your face.

Remember, you have to use a hydrating concealer otherwise it will be difficult to blend it. Another disadvantage of using large amounts of it is that it will appear like patches. You have to use only that amount which could conceal the imperfections in a proper way.


Way of Concealing Dark Circles

You should follow the right way of disguising the dark circles. Apply it in the form of an upside down triangle and blend it. Instead of swiping, this form is better to cover up the dark area. Otherwise, you might have the chance of having a grayish skin tone.

You have to just dab the inverted triangle with the concealer brush. You can also use your finger to blend it. Use your ring finger to do so. But don’t do it the hard way. Since creases and fine lines may highlight which would lead to cakey appearance.


Method Of Concealing Pimples

Concealers are also meant for covering up pimples. What matters is to follow the right method. You have to cover the pimple but don’t smear it. Better to use a soft brush instead of using your finger. Be gentle to cover up the redness around the pimple.

For this, go for a green-colored concealer. Instead of other concealers. it will help vanish the redness perfectly. Consider this concealer like a magic wand will help clear up and brighten the skin.


Cover Up Blemishes

If you have blemishes on your face then apply in the form of spots. Then with the help of a concealer brush, hide them. Make sure you cover it up well otherwise it will result in uneven skin tone.

But don’t swipe too much otherwise it will fade away. It will also smudge with too much dabbing. Just be careful that you have to cover up the dark areas moderately.


Set Concealer With Powder

Most females make the mistake of not setting with powder. If you are using a liquid concealer and then right after it liquid foundation then appearance will be greasy. To really conceal the flaws you have to set concealer with powder.

Your concealer will stay long which will not require you to touch up again and again. Don’t dab much and not prick the pimples. Use a translucent setting powder which is one shade brighter than your skin tone.


Apply It Before Foundation

There is no restriction in using concealer after foundation. But it is advised to use it before. Since, on your naked skin you can easily hide the flaws. And foundation will be just providing a finishing touch to the skin.

This perfect makeup product for hiding dark brown spots would give better results if you wear it before foundation. Since applying red, orange or green concealer over the foundation wouldn’t be right.


Keep Checking Its Expiration Date

One thing to remember is to check the expiration date of the concealer from time to time. Never use the expired product. It will cause infections. Even concealers after some time don’t give the desired results. They become dry or smelly. Sometimes, they leave oil or become grainy.

It is better to keep changing your concealers if you face any such issue. And when your skin condition changes with the change in season then buy a new concealer. Your skin is very delicate so don’t make any compromises. Always invest in the quality concealers as per skin tone and type.


Final Thoughts

Why don’t you make a visit to an online reselling cosmetics store like They offer branded concealers which could help you achieve a fine look. Must try their concealers to cover your facial discoloration and marks flawlessly. You will be more than satisfied by using their products.

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