A few years ago, I was struggling with skin problems. I had acne, blackheads, and other blemishes that made me feel self-conscious. I tried all sorts of best makeup products and skin care treatments, but nothing seemed to work. Then, after some time, I was again facing skin breakouts.

I was about to give up when I decided to try one last thing: a skincare routine. I found a simple way that worked for me, and my skin has been clear ever since — all I needed to be consistent and patient.

If you’re struggling with skin problems, I hope this blog post can help you find the proper skincare routine for you. I’ll share some tips on how to create a routine and some of my favorite skincare products.

So you want to know how to get clear skin? I’m here to help. I’m going to share with you the skincare routine that has helped me achieve clear skin.

First & Foremost, you need to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water. Water helps flush out toxins from the body, and it’s essential for healthy skin.

As we head into summer, it’s more important than ever to make sure your skincare routine is up to par. The sun and humidity can really take a toll on your skin, so you need to be proactive in taking care of it. Make sure you’re drinking enough water every day, and keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet. Eating a balanced diet is key to maintaining clear skin. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet, and avoid processed foods.

Always eat healthy if you don’t want to start breaking out again and again. Keep dairy products at bay and add more greens and juices to your diet. When you take them regularly, your skin will start getting back to the good old days – the childlike healthy, and glowing skin. You will also start feeling more energetic than ever because clear skin adds confidence to your personality.

Third, you need to make sure that you’re cleansing your skin correctly. I like to use a gentle cleanser to remove all of my makeup and dirt from the day. I then follow up with a toner to remove any residual dirt or makeup. And, don’t forget gentle massage during this cleanup session.

Pro Tip:

Try a skin cleansing brush but don’t use it too frequently. Once a week often suffice the need. Overdoing may cause skin damage or bring you the dilemma of premature aging. Natural solutions are always the best. Better do salon-like cleansing and exfoliating with your hands.

Always go to bed after removing the makeup you kept wearing all day long. Even if you are dead tired for any reason like coming back from long flights, keep this ritual alive. Clean your face and take a shower to refresh yourself from head to toe – it will help you sleep well.

Fourth, you need to make sure that you’re using the right products for your skin type. For example, I have oily skin, so I use products specifically designed for oily skin. Likewise, you need to select the right products for your skin type. For example, you can use water-gel moisturizer for your dry or sensitive skin.

Moisturizers help keep your skin hydrated and can reduce the risk of wrinkles forming later on in life. Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin is my personal favorite because it is lightweight, non-greasy, and fragrance-free – a perfect pick for my sensitive skin. Choose a moisturizer that fits your needs – whether you need one that’s light or heavy duty – and apply it twice daily.

Fifth, you need to make sure that you’re using sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for preventing sun damage, which can lead to skin cancer. Make sure you’re using a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, and apply it liberally every day.

So, never say no to sunscreen, no matter your lifestyle and what type of skin you have. For example, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 is best for my oily skin because it doesn’t make it look sticky.

Pro Tip:

Try adding oils to your skincare routine even if you have super oily skin, at least for the nighttime routine, and see the results yourself. Or you can use serum creams. Apply under your eyes, on your forehead and lips, and even on the corner of your legs. Get the one made for your specific skin type and use it regularly.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes, and it can also make your skin look tired and dull. Sleep timely and appropriately, and try to keep the stress at bay as much as possible.

I Hope You Enjoy it!

Well, Fellas! We know that the hustle-bustle of our lives often pushes us to overlook our health and skincare regime. But, still, I insist you practice a minimal routine every day – at least cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. So, let me share the basic skincare routine I practice when I don’t have enough time. I opt for minimal skincare with the most amazing and best skincare products. Yes, I’m talking about Huda Beauty Wishful Bright Gift Set available at glowqueen.pk.

This small yet complete skincare package includes a gentle yet powerful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub that leaves my skin with a healthy glow, a luxuriously textured Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer to soothe my skin for up to 24 hours by locking in the moisture it needs, and Get Even Rose Face Oil which is a unique blend of 13 skin-loving oils that give my skin a more even, smooth and bright appearance. The best about this wishful skincare set is that it works great on all skin types.

Remember, not all people are born with beautiful skin, and therefore the majority need to look after their skin. And these are my tips for achieving clear skin. I hope they help you out.

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